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Terrain Park

Snow Snake has two terrain parks, one with smaller features on the beginner hill and a larger park in the Bone Yard. Numerous features are spread throughout the runs and are professionally groomed daily to provide every rider the best the Midwest has to offer in park progression. The diversity of Snow Snake's terrain supports the progression of your riding.  Some terrain park features include a double C-box, 10' flat 20' down t-style rail and a beginner rainbow.  It's open to snowboarders and skiers. There's always room to explore and there's always something going on!

 Smart Style

Make a plan.
Always make a plan of the direction and path you intend to ride. Making a plan before executing takes one more strain off your mind to free it up for concetration on the trick you plan on executing. Your path should be clear of other riders' lines and riders who are chillin' waiting for their turn.

Look before you leap.
Scope around the jumps first, not over them.  Know your landings are clear and clear yourself out of the landing area.

Easy style it.
Start small and work your way up - throughout the day and the season.

Respect gets respect.
From the lift line through the park, respect everyone on the mountain.

Check out this video on Smart Style: