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Winter Bike Trails 

Snow Snake is excited to add Winter Fat Bike Trails to its list of winter fun!  Grab your fat tire bike and enjoy 6 miles of groomed trails.  The six miles of trails consist of two loops a one mile hilly curvy extreme trail (Zipper Loop) and five mile loop through the wilderness (Golf Course Loop). 


Closed - Due to ungroomable trails, bare spots and ice.


We added a new flow loop inside the Zipper Loop to enjoy!


Trail Pass Cost

Day Pass


Season Trail Pass (until March 15) or end of snow                 



Bike Rentals - sizes available - one small, one medium, two large


Two Hour Rental 


Six Hour Rental



Trail Conditions




 Not open yet


 8" fresh snow - first grooming passes


Groomed and ready for Saturday opening


Groomed - Riders report trails are soft


Zipper trail conditions are marginal. The limited snow is not holding.


Trails closed  


Trails reopened - Conditions are a little ruff but ridable.


Trails groomed and in great shape.


Trails groomed at 9 a.m. windy day it may drift later in the day.


Trails groomed in good condition.


Trails closed due to warm weather.


Trails closed due to warm weather and rain.


Trails closed until we receive measurable snow.  Unfortunately what is left of the trail is all ice.  With little snow we are not able to groom. 


Bike trails reopened - Very soft conditions - The trails were packed several times this week, howerever the snow is light and fluffy so the trail is soft.


Trail conditions very soft.  We contintinue to pack the trails.  The snow was very fluffy and it is not packing very well.  With warm temps later this week thing should get better.


Closed - Not able to groom.  Too many bare spots and very icy.




The fat bike trails are open when the ski area is open.  Click here for ski hours


Other Notes

  • Watch out for loose snow and icy spots on the trail.
  • The trails are closed if raining or if temperatures are above 40 degrees.
  • Minimum tire width of 3.7"